Negative emotions aren’t negative.


I write this every day and it helps remind me that I am allowed to feel whatever comes up. It’s hard to be a mom, it’s hard to deal with all that we deal with.

This is a thought that I think often.  I used to think that I shouldn’t feel frustrated, annoyed, mad, etc.  But, negative emotion isn’t bad.  It’s called being human.  

I have been feeling frustrated and annoyed more often than I’d like.  I remind myself I am human AND I…

1.  Write a thought download.  This is where I get out a paper or open a google doc and just write.  Everything that I am thinking.  My goal this year has been to be vulnerable and honest with myself when writing.  This has helped me make tremendous improvement.  

2. Remind myself that life is 50/50.  50% positive emotion and 50%  negative.  It’s a good idea to get help with the 50% negative.  There are so many people out there that can, want to and will help you.  

3. Remind myself that nothing needs to be fixed and I’m not a bad mom for feeling annoyed or frustrated.  

4. Get coaching.  Hiring a 1:1 coach has helped me grow in my business, but also personally and with my confidence. 

5. Find a new BELIEVABLE THOUGHT.  Practice saying it.  I put a reminder in my phone to help me throughout the day.  Because this new thought is easy to think right when I’m writing it, but throughout my day I forget and go back to my old way of thinking.  

6. FEEL frustrated instead of acting out of in.  I tend to want to control the things outside me when I’m feeling frustrated.  I want the house clean, the kids in bed.  I think that’ll help me feel better, BUT what will help me most is learning to FEEL and not re-acting, avoiding, or resisting my emotion.  

One tool that I use daily that has helped me with less raising my voice (I wouldn’t consider myself a yeller), less emotional eating is called PROCESSING EMOTION. 

When you feel an emotion instead of react you allow it.

  1. Name it.
  2. Say where it is in your body.
  3. Describe it in detail. Narrate it.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Allow it to be there for as long as you need to let it pass through you.

Remind yourself of the new thought you want to keep thinking and soon over time it’ll be your default thought.  

The worst thing that can happen is a negative emotion.  

This can be hard to do on your own.  Don’t let your emotional mess damage the relationships you have.  COACHING IS THE HOW.  

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