Love feels good. Why don’t we choose it more?

Did you know that love is a feeling? Love is for us.

Love is always an option.

Love always feels good.

Love will allow you to be at your best.

What would love do?  This is a great question to ask yourself in any situation. 

It’s like asking, “what would Jesus do?”

When your child is misbehaving, or making choices you don’t like, or the baby was up last night and you’re tired, or when you kids are fighting, what would love do?

Why don’t we choose love more or always? We are so quick to feel frustrated, tired, annoyed, at a loss, and forget that love is an option. 

Love for ourselves and for others. 

It’s amazing that we get to choose how we feel about other people, regardless of how they treat us. This is not always easy to do, but it’s totally possible. If you love someone and they are mean or nasty to you YOU have the option to love them. Sometimes clients will say they want to feel neutral about their ___________. I’m like, “you just want to feel neutral?” LOVE IS AVAILABLE.

What stories are you telling yourself about the other person? Are you mad at them and they don’t even know?

People will say, “why would I love them then that means whatever they did is ok.” I’m not saying it’s ok I’m saying that love is an option and it feels good.

Why don’t you want to love them?

When we are not feeling love we are only punishing ourselves.  Our emotions don’t jump out of our bodies and jump into the other person’s. 

When you are struggling in a relationship with your kids, spouse, parents, inlaws, neighbor, or anyone else. here are some questions to ask yourself and journal about.

-How do I want to feel about this person?
-How do I want to feel right now?
-Would it be better to like or dislike this person?
-What is stopping me from unconditionally loving for my own sake?
-Do I know that I can love this person unconditionally regardless of what they do or don’t do?
-How am I just like them?

Take some time and practice paying attention to what love feels like inside your body.  If feels great and it is always an option. 

Have a great week full of love,

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