It’s not fun

Last night my family went to a live nativity.  My twins that are four are excited about any and everything.  My 10 year old is usually game for whatever, but he wasn’t too thrilled to have to go.  My 11 1/2 year old was not excited at all. It was 25* and cold. We were able to see sheep, donkeys, a camel, and horses.  We went on a sleigh ride, had hot chocolate, saw the wise men, Shepards, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. When we were heading home my 10 year old said that was actually fun.  He had enjoyed it. My 11.5 was still not having fun. I told them and often tell them “it’s not fun, you make it fun.” This is a perfect example that it’s not fun because my two kids were at the same place at the same time seeing the same things and one thought it was fun and the other didn’t.  The circumstance was neutral and the circumstance always is, one thought thoughts that helped him to have fun and enjoy it the other thought thoughts that caused him to not have fun and not enjoy it.

Our lives are filled with stuff that may not be fun, but the only person that feels those negative emotions is you.  We get to decide it we are going to have fun or not. If we don’t want to have fun that’s ok, but maybe ask yourself what I ask myself when I am complaining in my head or not enjoying something, “why am I choosing not to enjoy this?”  We mostly don’t have control over our circumstances but we do have control over our thoughts about those circumstances, and the way we will choose to perceive the circumstance.  

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