Always remember this 1 thing.

Life is 50/50.  That’s 50% positive emotion and 50% negative.  Coaching isn’t just about trying to feel better all the time it’s learning HOW TO FEEL.

I teach my clients a process that walks them through processing their emotions.  LEARNING how to feel that 50% is what will make your life explode with goodness.  You will quit resisting what is.  When you learn to FEEL your emotions and not resist, react, or avoid them you will actually feel better.

  • We over eat because we don’t want to feel something (frustration).
  • We raise our voices at our kids because we don’t want to feel something (annoyed).
  • We scroll social media because we don’t want to feel something (bored).
  • We avoid doing what we want/need to be doing because we don’t want to feel something (hard).
  • We avoid that person because we don’t want to feel something (awkward).
  • We feel inadequate so we behave not how we’d like.  

When your child is having a tantrum you breathe, process the emotion and REMIND YOURSELF this is part of the 50% that’s hard.  

When you think I can’t do anything well it’s the same process. This Processing emotion tool is simple, but can be trickier to do on your own, that is why you have a coach to help you through it.

  1. Name the feeling / emotion.
  2. Where do you feel it in your body?
  3. Describe it in detail. Be the narrator of what you are feeling.
  4. How does this feeling make you want to act?
  5. BREATH!

Changing our thoughts is part of the process, but first learning how to FEEL is going to so useful.  

Sometimes we want so bad to change the circumstances, but we can’t and so that’s where learning HOW TO process emotions comes in so useful.  

It’s OK TO FEEL all those feelings.  Let them cycle through you, let them heal you, let them cleanse you.  It will all be ok and it will all work out.  

Have a wonderful day,

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