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Do you want help being a better mom and stop fighting with that one child AND stop the guilt?

Let’s face it, it’s hard being a mom! It’s one of the most exhausting and rewarding jobs out there. There are the expectations of others and the pressures we put on ourselves.  Are you tired of feeling tired, frustrated, annoyed, guilty, overwhelmed and stressed? Do you find yourself yelling at your kids, fighting with them, not having enough time, and not feeling appreciated? I’ve felt all these emotions and they don’t make me happy.
I’ve attended workshops, read about every book on parenting and I even have a degree in family and human development, but I always struggled with applying things to myself, that is until I found life coaching. This was the missing piece that put the content into context and then into action for me.

My goal is to teach you how to stop yelling and fighting and be happier.  Coaching is the one thing that changed everything for me as a mom.


What other clients have said.

"In the 6 week coaching session I completed with Megan, several major changes happened for me.  My general outlook on life changed into something much more positive.  The fatigue I felt from continual challenges left.   I began to see why I eat the way I do, and that it's alterable if I want it to be.   But most importantly,  my relationship with a close family member changed dramatically.  Not that the other person did anything differently, but that the way I saw them changed everything about the way I feel about them.  It's no longer a source of frustration and concern in my life.   In fact I now feel a lot of gratitude for this person.    I left the 6 weeks with tools to be able to continue to change the way I feel about others, and various situations, on my own  going forward.  Megan was pleasant and easy to work with, and her coaching absolutely changed me for the better.   I wish I'd known about it much earlier on in my life!"



"Being coached was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wanted to have Megan coach me because I really believe in the thought model she teaches. However, I didn't realize how helpful it was to have someone coach you through that model rather than just learning about it. She helped me be more aware of how I was thinking and it changed how I felt and how I showed up for my life and the people in it. Understanding my thoughts has allowed me to be more present and gracious with myself and others. Megan's coaching is teaching me to be the best version of myself without having to change what I look like or how much I accomplish. She has such a loving and honest way of getting me to uncover my thoughts all while teaching me valuable tools to deal with whatever I discover."


"Megan is amazing at what she does. I can testify that she will help you whether you think you need it or not. Step back and evaluate your life and family. There’s always an area of needed improvement. PATIENCE and CALM is learned and there is a skill you can learn from Megan to grow them. DO IT! I’m so glad I trusted her and continue to benefit from her knowledge, skills and tools! Thanks Megan DaBell Whitesides for EVERYTHING!!" 💜